Show your Talent by Queen Tisa

Published: June 17, 2023

As part of Task 7: Discover, nurture and showcase a talent of a group or any person of your choice, I have chosen to highlight exceptional talents which we have not been able to value until now. It must be admitted that living from one’s passions and talents is not given to everyone, so my choice fell rather on those who do their best to mark their existence and it was a pleasant honor to put them forward. With Be Tige, we organized an event called “Show your talent” whose goal was to highlight the talent of the nuggets of Slam and Humor hence “Slumour” with the help, collaboration and participation of everyone, we were able to experience a moment of sharing, filled with joy, emotion, laughter and fulfillment. Each of the participants in turn gave incredible, moving, thought-provoking, humorous but instructive performances that took us back in time.

Here are some introductions of our seasoned talents…

Raytra Belaw’yck is an ambitious young comedian who entered the stage in November 2016. From then on, he slowly but surely evolved on the podiums of Malagasy humor. A malformation in the heart made him live a rather difficult childhood and which awakened in him the dream of becoming a doctor. At the age of two, the future comedian traveled alone to Switzerland to undergo surgery. Back home, he grew up with his family in his native village of Ankazomiriotra until the age of 19. Then having obtained his baccalaureate diploma, he chose to continue his studies in the capital. And there surprise!!! He didn’t go to medical school! Here is his explanation: “My grandmother who was one of my sources of inspiration and motivation for this career as a doctor left the world when I was 12 years old. This loss put an end to my childhood dream! “Very quickly, Setra (the name he bore before his appearance on the scene) realized that the academic world is not the world in which he wishes to evolve. He dropped out after three years. Then it clicked!!!! After researching humor, he discovered that laughter is one of the best therapies. Soon after, he realized that he had discovered his true passion. To conquer the podiums and the public, he chose his stage name “Raytra” which means “magnificent” in Malagasy. It was the beginning of a great adventure, he accumulated shows and later became one of the essential promoters of Malagasy laughter. Indeed, Raytra does not just write sketches, it initiates and produces events, open stages, festivals, etc. allowing other comedians, most of whom are young people, to bring laughter and smiles to the lips of audiences across the island. Currently, Raytra is at the head of a humor event organization company, open to all collaborations; “I couldn’t realize my dream of becoming a doctor, but thanks to my passion, I heal the world with laughter,” he confides with a mischievous look.

Gasikara, is a slammer since November 2020. According to her, slam is a means of expressing one’s feelings and one’s words, the stage is a world in which we can flourish with all our emotions that we share with others; the public, the slammers, these are pearls that we keep engraved in our hearts because we live only adventures and poetic journeys. The slam is for her a passion, she found refuge and family, adventures and stories, the slam was for her a way to integrate and especially to express herself.

RaTaAvKen, Ratavy: He was marked thanks to GSU and Be_Tige.He specializes in puns and “smart” jokesAccording to him, “humor is a way to express yourself and also a kind of therapy. since life is already quite difficult like that, why not share humor and love with those around you while trying to earn money. And all this with a lot of passion of course.”

It was rewarding spending time with these amazing talents. We hope to do this again sometime in the future.

Queen Tisa,

Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar

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