Queen Tisa’s Conference at Emit faculty, University of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Published: May 25, 2023

My Team and I organized a conference at the Emit faculty at the University of Fianarantsoa in fulfilment of Task 4 requirement of Miss Philanthropy Africa Beauty Pageant.

The conference aimed at promoting personal development and awaken the entrepreneurial culture of young people, hence the name “Wake up” also to encourage them to pursue their dream, to never give up, to live their passion and why not even live from their passion.

The realization of such a project required the sacrifice of time, work, and hours of sleep from each of us as we had to travel a long distance to the region aside preparations and lots more…But it was worth it.

Indeed, the road was long, fatigue was there, but with the smile and mutual support of the team members, we carried out the project. And we still plan to come back because a lot of people are demanding our return, with other interventions on other themes.The greatest job has been to change the mentality of youths and make everyone realize that change must come from us.

There was a best project contest, where we were able to select 2 winners and a third drawn at random.

This experience made us live a wonderful adventure and new encounters. At the same time we share with you the beauty and cultural richness of this wonderful region 🇲🇬

Queen Tisa Maiwen
Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar

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