Queen Tisa hits the Streets with her Team… Let’s make someone smile

Published: May 26, 2023

Have you ever come home after a bad day? Being tired and no longer having morals? And if you are lucky, you meet someone exceptional who didn’t know how bad or catastrophic your day was but this person approaches you and gives you a compliment, maybe on what you are wearing. It can’t make your day easier but it sure can make you smile, and it pleases the heart.

In this experience I was inspired by a Malagasy song called “Tsiky” which means “Smile” in English.

So with a few friends, we decided to share as much smile as possible as I believe it’s a way of affecting people’s lives positively in ways they will never forget. We wrote compliments in pieces of paper and went into town to meet up with people on the streets just to give them a little note with kind inscriptions like: ” You are the beautiful person I’ve seen today”, ” You’re already pretty but you can be gorgeous if you smile”, ” It was just a bad day, not a bad life” etc, … simple sentences like that made them smile. Guess what?? We had hidden cameras to capture these priceless moments. However due to security reasons and the hidden cameras concept, I had to remove my sash and crown when on the streets. But that didn’t stop me from presenting myself when people asked us who we are and why we do this.
We don’t know how your day was but we just wanted to make you smile again. A smile costs less than electricity but it shines even more.

Still on my task to touch one person’s life or more. I decided on a project that would have a long-term impact so I gave a training to Miss FDSP Candidates. Training people is not a job for me, it is pleasure because indeed it’s an art. The art of transmitting values, sharing a vision without neglecting or influencing that of others but giving it the power to flourish. I am glad to say one person won the title and the crown but all were able to win a power that changed their lives forever. Kindly watch the full video on YouTube on how my training sessions changed their lives:

Queen Letitia
Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar

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