Queen Pearl’s collaboration with Extended Epikaizo International Ministries for a community outreach to Shakawe village, Northern Botswana

Published: May 29, 2023

Queen Pearl went on a two-day outreach in collaboration with Extended Epikaizo International Ministries located at Shakawe village in the Northern part of Botswana.

The Queen and the Church members went on a cleaning campaign as they believe that cleanliness is nearer to God. The Queen also had an opportunity to give a word of encouragement during a women’s session which took place in the afternoon after litter picking. Young people, men and women attended the session. So instead of focusing on women, she gave a general message to encourage all. She encouragement was taken from the Book of Isaiah 60:1, Arise and shine for your light has come. Her emphasis was on arising. Most of the people who attended are illiterates and not are not working. Therefore she encouraged them to arise, identify their talents and capabilities, learn a skill and use those skills to better their lives instead of relying on people to help them.

The Queen had a package of winter clothes which she had gathered earlier. They were donated to the elderly women and a few young ladies who attended the service.

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