Queen Pearl donates seeds and snacks to a less priviledged family at Botswana

Published: May 26, 2023


OBJECTIVE: Help someone do something that will not just benefit them now but involve them in doing something that will help better their lives in a long term

My intention is to make a long lasting mark in all that I set out to do. This time I decided to reach out to a family that has an old woman who is allergic to meat. I raised funds to enable me get money to buy seeds which I used in making plots so they could sow vegetables. I believe this will grant Mama relish in the long run. I also considered the fact that only one person from that family is working and isn’t earning much to cover all the family needs so some of the vegetables could be sold to generate income.

I believe that not everytime the less privileged have to be donated to, they have to be taught or encouraged so that they can rise and do something to improve their lives.

When asked what they needed, one of the family members told me they only needed seeds. They will take good care of the plots for their own benefit. So I used my baking skills to bake scones and make sales. With the profit realized from the sales, I bought seeds and made plots for the family with the help of young people from church.

They only needed 3 packets of seeds, just for variety which all costed P66.00 from a total of P72.00 that was raised from my sales. We planted Spinach, grape and carrots.

Mama was very happy since gardening used to be her favourite thing. She went further to extend her prayers to everyone who helped me do the plots.

I will keep visiting to see how the vegetables are coming up from time to time. Kindly watch the full video on our YouTube channel Miss Philanthropy Africa Tv:

Queen AsaPearl Mama’Isadore
Miss Philanthropy Africa Botswana

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