Queen Miriam’s Orphanage Outreach to Luh Menorah Foundation, Cameroon

Published: May 26, 2023

Photo Clips on Miss Philanthropy Africa Cameroon’s outreach to the Orphanage

On the 17th of January 2023, Queen Miriam Forbah visited Luh Menorah Foundation in company of the Great Mister Lewis. She shared some encouraging words with the kids to enable them keep their hope alive while believing in the beauty of a brighter future. She went further to donate foodstuff, detergents and diapers to the home.
One of the uniqueness of this orphanage is it is a home for children with down syndrome. The home doesn’t just cater for their welfare/accommodation needs but also their intellectual needs. Hence the home has a school for the children. Our Cameroon Queen took a tour around the Orphanage as well. Her visit was a success. She enjoyed every bit of it particularly spending time with the kids as she enjoys putting smiles on the faces of people. Indeed as the slogan of Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI) goes ‘Hope comes when we love and Care’.

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