Off the Streets by Queen Ruth, Miss Philanthropy Africa Nigeria

Published: May 26, 2023

100 pieces of clothes donated!!!

“Lend a hand to one another in the daily toil of life, do what is right and find your place in the world “

On November 28th 2022, I created a fundraiser through platform. It’s an “Off the street” campaign with the aim to feed and cloth street children. I was able to fulfill one aspect of it which is “to cloth them” because it is more sustainable.
The fundraiser ran for 4 months. It was posted on all my social media platforms. At the end of the fundraiser N 40,500 was raised and the sum of N 37,250 was sent to my account. The sum of N 2,750 was deducted for the fundraiser App Management pecentage fee … The money was used to purchase clothes to carry out an aspect of one of my project which is “clothing the street children”.

This project is so important to me because these street children have few clothes. On most occasions they repeat same clothes over and over again without washing. This practice is not hygienic as these kids end up having body odor and possibly skin infections..

Their desire for more clothes may out large the quantity of clothes been shared, but this is a call do more, which I believe by the help of God and with more funds raised from time to time, I will be able to do more. Kindly watch the full video on our YouTube channel, Miss Philanthropy Africa Tv:

This project was done under the supervision of Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI).

Queen Ruth Eghosa,
Miss Philanthropy Africa Nigeria 🇳🇬.

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