Nurturing Talent by Miss Philanthropy Africa Nigeria

Published: June 17, 2023

In regards to Task 7, which is to discover and nurture a talent ..

I discovered my Nephew Emmanuel’s talent.. For the past few years, he has shown interest in modeling, he always assist me during my runway trainings and is always glued to the Tv, watching fashion shows..
He told me that he would like to explore his modeling potentials to become a runway model just like me one day .. On this day, I understood it was time to start building him up professionally to achieve his dreams. I registered him at Afro Creation International (ACI) modeling academy. There his professional portfolio will be worked on. I also encouraged him to not neglect his academics in the pursuit of his modeling career, as I will also become his personal coach.

I’m happy my career is inspiring young people. And seeing he is one of those inspired by me, has given me so much joy.. I wish him all the best in life and I pray for God’s guidance to manage the stress and sacrifices that comes with modeling..

Ruth Eghosa
Miss Philanthropy Africa NIGERIA 🇳🇬

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