Miss Philanthropy Africa Reunion promotes a Sports Coach in other to boost his Business

Published: May 26, 2023

Mathias is a Sports coach at Saint-Denis, in Reunion Island. I knew him because he practices rugby with some of my friends. When I knew him, he was not yet a sports coach but was very passionate and already graduated in sport. He was afraid to launch out and himself known.

As Miss Philanthropy Africa Reunion Island, I offered him my help because I have knowledge and skills in Management and Marketing 😊. For 2 years I have been supporting him for free in managing his social networks and establishing his quotes and invoices.

Regarding his social networks, I create content, call on professionals for photo shoots, and also participate in shoots and do video editing. Most importantly I assist him in his sports programs as a test and promote his posts.

The goal is to really help him make known his structure and services as a Sports coach specialized in health!

I am glad to say that because of the assistance I have been rendering to him, he accompanies a dozen people in their sports and nutritional program outdoors in Saint-Denis or on the seafront of the Port 😁

I am really proud of him and myself in this project ❤️

Kindly watch the full video on YouTube…

Queen Elise Paola HAMILCARO
Miss Philanthropy Africa Reunion Island

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