Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar’s Educational Outreach

Published: May 26, 2023

Carrying out Educational outreach to Children.

In Madagascar we have 23 regions, for my task 01, I decided to do it in my parents’ hometown. Our region of origin.

I started by attending the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 08, in the heart of the city. After that, I started doing descents in schools. To collect information on which schools are in difficulty and what they needed.

My courtesy visits to the authorities followed one another, first to the Town Hall, then to the prefect and a meeting with the deputy in a school that I had chosen to carry out my project.

I chose a public primary school that was hit by Cyclone Freddy a short time ago.

Education begins at home but we educate our children in schools to help them become better. I intervened with the exam classes where I spoke to them briefly about my person, and my background. I explained what Philanthropy is, talked about my mission, my commitment and the responsibility it bears. My message was to make children understand that studies is important and that it is our most beautiful heritage. It is not enough to be beautiful, you have to learn and build your personality from an early age. This I believe will go a long way in changing their perception of life and most importantly follow the profitable part of personal development as they progress in life. They had a plus as I did not just give a motivational speech but also donated school supplies: Notebooks, pens, and pencils to boost their academic performance.

For the teachers I gave a small gift. And for the whole school, I distributed candies.

Afterwards a school principal invited me to her school to motivate her students. I responded quickly to her invitation where I was able to talk to students in all classes. My background was said in my presentation, the big task was to make students understand that we do not achieve a goal in ease, that we need work, discipline and perseverance.

I couldn’t visit a school without bringing anything, so after my intervention and my motivating speech, I bought sweets for the whole school.

I would have liked to give more, but that’s the little I had. With Love and passion. May God continue to bless us all. 🙏🏽

Queen Letitia
Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar

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