Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar joins the International Women’s Day Celebration

Published: May 26, 2023

Special Appearance by Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar to commensurate the International Women’s Day usually celebrated on March 8 Annually.

Established in 1977 by the United Nations (UN), the “International Women’s Day” is celebrated in many countries on March 8 of each year. It has its origin in the struggles of the workers and suffragettes of the early 20th century, with women then claiming the right to vote and better working conditions.It is an international day highlighting the struggle for women’s rights and in particular for the end of inequalities in relation to men.
This struggle continues, even today it is still difficult for a woman to integrate, to impose herself whether in the professional world or in society. I feel honored to have been able to celebrate the event in Ambositra the Urban Commune of my region of origin Amoron’ny Mania alongside the authorities and the entire community. Thank you very much for the invitation and for the solidarity. A Malagasy singer said “Mety hatsiravina ny ety an-tany, raha tsy nisy vehivavy fa lehilahy ihany” which simply translates to: “the world would probably be catastrophic if there were no women but only men” I have never been so in agreement, “I just have a message to convey: do not wait until March 08 to show your respect for women, it is through the woman that God has chosen to give life, every woman deserves respect.”
I am also honored to have met the Governor of the region, the Deputy and the Parliamentary Assistants, the Prefect, the officers and officers of each hierarchy, and especially the entire community.
Happy Women’s day 🫶🏼🇲🇬

Queen Leatitia,
Miss Philanthropy Africa Madagascar

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