Published: May 25, 2023

Carrying out a project without funds has been easier for personalities in my country/motherland but how positively it will be is what we are lacking.

Growing up as a young Ghanian, I’ve noticed that not just giving out financially is a way of embarking on a project or a charitable organization but how to impact positively in someone’s Life.

A Project is something that someone or a group of people plan to achieve a particular aim with or without funds and it has been part of us from our parents coaching, teachers at school and church teachings always teaches us to accomplish our planned project and to support others in spiritually (prayers), mentally (getting close to people) and physically (supporting with daily chores or money)

With this task , I decided to support girls in my community mentally and physically where I formed girls club dubbed “ELSINA GIRLS EMPOWERMENT GROUP” in my Hood we learnt a lot on How to choose a career, Gender barrier & Equality and some basic courtesy for girls in a way they can have a better life in future.

This educative program took place in my house with about 16 beautiful girls on April 1st 2023.

We really enjoyed and impacted more into these beautiful girls life in a vice versa way.

This project was executed by Queen Elsie Ashong , Miss Philanthropy Africa Ghana 22/23 Queen and was supported by Miss Philanthropy Ghana.

Together we can save Africa and the World at large.

Long live Miss Philanthropy Ghana

Long live Miss Philanthropy Africa

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