Miss Philanthropy Africa Cameroon’s outreach to Trisomy Organization in Yaounde

Published: May 26, 2023

In fulfilment of Task 3 which is to raise funds for a cause close to your heart, Miss Philanthropy Africa Cameroon decided to visit Trisomy located at Emombo-garage japonais, Yaoundé Cameroon. This is an organization that caters for 21 children with down syndrome.

Miss Philanthropy Africa Cameroon was accompanied by Miss Christian Africa Ambassador, Princess Nauradyn. They visited the organization on the 13th of April 2023 at exactly 10am. They were welcomed by the CEO of Trisomy and the parents of the children.

In her bid to raise funds for these children, our Cameroonian Queen distributed flyers to her contacts as well as met some people individually who also helped to raise the funds for these kids. At the end of her fundraiser campaign, she was able to raise the sum of 40,000frs.

Miss Philanthropy Africa Cameroon handed the amount to the CEO to get whatever the children needed since the funds were raised to help these children get what they have been lacking for some time. The Organization was very happy that a Queen visited them for the first time. They were also grateful for her gift and blessed her.

She believes that these kids did not decide to be born that way, they are not different from us. Showing love is a beautiful thing we can do to make the world a lot better. Kindly watch the video on our YouTube channel:

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