Miss Philanthropy Africa Botswana was the Chief judge at Mr and Miss Leapotswe at Leapotswe Academy School, Botswana

Published: May 26, 2023

Miss Philanthropy Africa Botswana, Pearl Ojahile, was invited to be Chief Judge for a modeling category, Mr and Miss Leapotswe at Leapotswe Academy School during a Talent Show that included poetry, dance and singing on Saturday 4th March 2023.
Four Queens and four Kings were crowned on the said day, being Mr and Miss Lower Primary, Mr and Miss Middle Class, Mr and Miss Upper Class and Mr and Miss Leapotswe Secondary Level.
The aim of the Talent Show was to make manifest the talents of the young stars and give them courage to sour high…

Miss Philanthropy Africa Botswana was invited to be judge as she is well known for her love for pageantry. And trusted that she will judge fairly well. She was given an opportunity to tell the audience about her experience in the pageantry industry and her current competition which is Miss Philanthropy Africa where some people from the audience were willing to support the project she is to carry out and even vote for her when voting lines open.

Winners of the school competition were given different gifts… Books, music players, pens and pencils, hand fans mugs etc. Our Botswana Queen was given a Certificate of Appreciation and a set of Latte glasses. We appreciate the Government of the school for such an amazing opportunity.

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