Fitness Walk with Queen Favour, reigning Miss Philanthropy Africa

Published: May 26, 2023

The reigning Miss Philanthropy Africa, Queen Favour under the Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI)’s covering organized a ‘Fitness Walk’ yesterday 1st April to mark the World Autism Day celebrated every 2nd April.
This is particular to Queen Favour since she fights for inclusion of children with special needs.

A lot of parents responded to the call and were present with their children, colleagues and family members. The fitness walk started at Rond point Bastos to parcours vita where we had a great time doing sports followed by educational talks on Autism by some parents, a medical doctor and a special educator.

We particularly want to thank CRTV Cameroon Radio and television for the media coverage, Benss Cameroon for the Health coverage, Les Delices d’Isabelle for their snacks contribution, Vie d’ami for the massive sensitization and Abbejoy pictures for the amazing pictures.

We love to inform you that the activity will be aired on CRTV at Midday (12noon Cameroon time)

Kindly watch the full video on YouTube…

French version

English version

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