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About Us

Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in Nigeria in 2016. The NGO has through its international Beauty pageant platform (Miss Philanthropy Africa) focused on grooming a section of the youths, particularly the females to take up space, remain relevant and rise up to leadership in any sphere of society.

The Project

Let’s Create The Future

The pageant is tailored in such a way that it grooms its participants into self-discovery, self-realization and self-actualization through its diverse leadership trainings and strategic community tasks, all Queens are expected to carry out as a condition for their qualification as finalists in this pageant. After four successful editions and consistency, We make bold to say that this platform has raised queens across Africa that have not only been able to identify the problems in their communities but have gone further to come up with diverse short and long term intervention programs under the direct supervision of this NGO with a view to alleviating the plight of the less privileged in Africa.

Our objective this year is to discover, develop and deploy the innate skills and abilities of these young women thereby inculcating leadership qualities in them and helping them discover themselves, as well as build their confidence and guide them to influence the society.


To see an empowered society where Africans are able to lead in all spheres of society, especially in the face of challenges because they have been empowered to not just lead but also to ensure that the rights and wellbeing of the less privileged are prioritized.


To strive through pageantry and every possible means to empower Africans, champion the rights of women, youths, children, persons with disability, and the less privileged in general by enhancing their innate skills and abilities with a view to improving their lives and the African continent.

Core Values




Miss Philanthropy Africa Beauty Pageant is not only aimed at challenging our participants to carry out tasks but rather to discover themselves, their innate skills and abilities by pushing the boundaries of their believed limitations. This experience and result is common to every young woman that has encountered this platform as they learn they are capable of more than they ever imagined.



This pageant organizes diverse trainings where our participants learn life skills to enhance their physical beauty while also nurturing their internal persona. Hence our participants have been able to build a confidence that goes beyond skin-deep. It is a confidence to claim the Crown both on the stage and all aspects of life.



Our new vision of pageantry has opened doors, inspired opportunities and created a platform for young women to amplify their new-found voice beyond just speaking but reaching out to the less privileged, embarking in diverse community and intervention projects while developing a deep and unquenchable desire for personal development. We are aware that every unique package is worthy of presentation as such we give them the tools needed to not only package and present themselves but also to claim any platform of their interest.

Our Team

Team Members

Honour F. Abdullahi-Umar

President/CEO, Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI)

Mr. Emmanuel Benjamin

Program Manager, Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI)

Barr. Mrs. Ruth R. Goma

Legal Adviser, Miss Philanthropy Africa Initiative (MPAI)

Mrs Sundhya Devi Hemraz

Promotion Strategist, Miss Philanthropy Africa Beauty Pageant

National Directors

Our National Directors

Gabriel Omionawele

National Director for Islands and Diaspora

Anyiaka Florence Njang

National Director, Miss Philanthropy Africa Cameroon

Mr Antwi Raphael

National Director, Miss Philanthropy Africa Ghana

Mrs Kaddy Samateh

National Director, Miss Philanthropy Africa Gambia

Tugilane Victoria Zacarias

National Director, Miss Philanthropy Africa Mozambique.

franchise holders

State franchise holders

Queen Harriet Umoru

CEO, Miss Philanthropy Edo State, Nigeria

Elekpor Peace Onuwa 

CEO, Miss Philanthropy Delta state, Nigeria